Frame builders and connoisseurs of handmade bicycles descended on Sacramento, California last weekend for the annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show. As much art show as trade show, NAHBS is a chance for builders to showcase their work and for cyclists to find their dream bike. Nowhere else will you see this many handcrafted bicycles under one roof. In two full days at the show, I couldn’t possibly absorb everything there was to see, but here are some of my highlights.

MAP Bicycles

MAP Cycles Randonneur Project - H5 Best in Show!

MAP Bicycles Randonneur Project

Mitch Pryor builds immaculate fillet brazed bicycles in Chico, CA. This Randonneur Project was my favorite bike at the show.



My custom Soulcraft Dirtbomb featuring Porcelain Rocket bags and Pass & Stow rack.

I flew all the way to Sacramento just to see this bike! Well, not entirely, but it was a big reason for making the trek. This is my new Dirtbomb, decked out with Porcelain Rocket bags, Pass & Stow rack, White Industry hubs, Paul brakes, and more. It’s built for all-around versatility, including multi-day adventures, but most of the time I’ll  be ripping around my backyard singletrack most of the time!

Soulcraft Treehorn, featuring WTB Horizon 27.5x47 tires.

Soulcraft Treehorn

This is an example of one of my favorite emerging bike styles, a 650b road bike built around WTB’s Horizon 47mm tires. More comfort, more traction, more versatility. Why buy a skinny tire road bike when you can have one of these!

Soulcraft Option B+ (27.5+) will also fit 29x2.5

Soulcraft Option B+

This 27.5+ mountain bike features a custom chainstay yoke that allows for short (16.75″) chainstays but still allows for true 3″ tires. It will also fit 29×2.5″ tires.


Black Cat

The 2016 Best in Show Black Cat 27.5+ adventure bike.

Todd Ingermanson builds some amazing bicycles, and this 27.5+ adventure bike from Black Cat won a well-deserved Best in Show.



Sycip picnic bike!

Jeremy Sycip has built some creative bicycles over the years, but this one tops them all in my book. An electic-assist picnic bike, equipped with folding front kickstand, integrated cutting board and knife mount on the front rack, and customized for a grill on the rear rack. How much, I’ll take it!


Calfee Design

Calfee Dragonfly Adventure

This Calfee Dragonfly Adventure might be the wildest, and possibly most expensive, randonneur/commuter/adventure bike you’ll ever see. That seat post bottle mount features an integrated, motion activated taillight that shines through the water bottle. Fits 650b x 42mm or 700c x 35mm, compatible with full-wrap fenders. $11,850


Hunter Cycles

Hunter Cycles, featuring WTB Horizon 27.5x47c tires.

Rick Hunter has a steady stream of traffic checking out the unique bikes in his booth every year at NAHBS. Whatever you want to call it – all road, fun road, all-arounder – this was another favorite bike for me, built around WTB’s 650b x 47mm Horizon tires. It was for sale at the show, and is headed to Japan with its new owner.


Caletti Cycles

Caletti road bike featuring artwork by Jeremiah Kille. Winner of

John Caletti built this custom road bike for a local Santa Cruz, CA customer. It features a custom hand painted finish by artist Jeremiah Kille, who also painted a pair of Giro shoes and a Giro helmet to match. Winner of “Best Finish” at 2016 NAHBS.


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