From surf-inspired swallowtails to environmentally-friendly all-mountain rippers, here are eight of my favorite snowboards for the 2017/2018 season.

Elevated SurfCraft Goldfish

Photo courtesy of Elevated SurfCraft

Elevated SurfCraft Goldfish

Nobody lives and breathes snow surfing more than Aaron Lebowitz, the man behind Elevated SurfCraft. The Goldfish is a short, wide swallow tail shape, clocking in at 4′ 10″, designed for everything from deep pow, to trees, to sweeping corduroy carves. Shaka!


  • 4’10” – 147cm
  • Nose 13 ¾” – 35cm
  • Waist 11 ½” – 29.5cm
  • Tail 12” – 30.5cm
  • Sidecut 28’ – 8.6m
  • Setback Camber
  • Subtle convex base

$660 /

2017/18-Marhar Lumberjack

Photo courtesy of Marhar Snowboards

Marhar Woodsman

Michigan-based Marhar Snowboards has been on my radar the last couple years, winning my “Best In Show” at last year’s SIA snow show for their all-mountain Archaic. Their 2017-18 lineup is as strong as ever, and the new Woodsman once again puts them at the top of my list.

  • Size: 145 cm
  • Effective Edge: 1023 mm
  • Nose: 31.1 cm
  • Tail: 28.9 cm
  • Waist: 27 cm
  • Sidecut: 5.2/6.3/4.8 m
  • Taper: 2.1 cm

$559 /

2017/18 Jones Storm Chaser

Photo courtesy of Jones Snowboards

Jones Storm Chaser

My favorite board among another impressive lineup from one of the most respected names in snowboarding. Designed by surf board shaper Chris Christensen, the Storm Chaser features a spoon bevel in the nose and tail, and a rocker profile for float in deep powder. This season, the Storm Chaser also has bamboo stringers along the sidecut for improved edge hold. Jones is committed to 1% For the Planet and uses eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the construction of their snowboards, including recycled ABS, no solvents coated varnish, eco-plastic top sheets, and recycled edges. Jones boards as factory waxed with Wend natural bio wax.

  • Sizes: 142, 147, 157

$599 /

2017/18 Lib Tech ...Lost Rocket

Photo courtesy of Lib Tech

Lib Tech …Lost Rocket

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at all to see surf-inspired options in the Lib Tech lineup. The …Lost Rocket was designed by surf board shaper Matt Biolos. Built using Lib Tech’s legendary environmentally friendly manufacturing.

  • Size: 157W
  • 657 Sq in. planing surface
  • C3 rocker camber profile
  • Art by Mayhem / Son of Cobra

$699.95 /

2017/18 Ride Warpig

Photo courtesy of Ride

Ride Warpig

With chopped off nose and tail, the Warpig might not have the same look or be as far on the “pow surfer” end of the spectrum  as the others on this list, but it definitely falls into the short/wide design. It’s packed with Ride tech, like Slimewalls, Carbon Array Laminates, and Cleave Edge Steel edges, it’s a fun board all over the mountain, and it comes in at just under $500.

  • Sizes: XS new (60-130 lb), Small (100-175 lb), Large (140-200 lb)
  • Effective Edge: 1044mm (XS), 1095mm (Small), 1146mm (Large)
  • 4.6 / 5.6m, 5.1 / 6.2m, 5.6 / 6.9

$499.95 /

2017/18 Weston Japow

Photo courtesy of Weston Snowboards

Weston Japow

Colorado-based Weston has come on strong over the last couple of seasons. Their 2017-18 lineup is better than ever, with a number of boards I’d be stoked to ride. Far and away my favorite in their collection is the Japow. Weston certainly caters more toward the backcountry crowd, but the swallow tailed Japow will deliver just as many smiles inbounds.


  • Sizes: 159, 169
  • Effective Edge: 123.5cm, 128.5cm
  • Waist Width: 26.2cm, 27cm
  • Sidecut: 9/6.9m, 9.6/7.5m
  • Early rocker nose with slight camber between the feet


$699 /

2017/18 Never Summer Swift

Photo courtesy of Never Summer

Never Summer Swift

Big, sweeping turns, powder, trees, and everything else on the mountain, the Swift might be the most badass board in a lineup of nothing but badass boards from Never Summer.


  • Sizes (cm): 148, 152, 157, 162
  • Waist (cm): 26.1, 25.7, 25.9, 26.2
  • Edge (cm): 107, 112, 117, 121
  • Sidecut (Vario, cm): 753, 760, 800, 832
  • Taper (cm): 20
  • Surface Area (in²/cm²): 608/3923, 630/4064, 647/4174, 662/4271
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

$599 /

Niche Theme

Photo courtesy of Niche

Niche Theme

The world’s first zero-waste, completely recyclable snowboard. Twin tip, traditional camber with a flat mid section, and traction bumps combine to make this an all-mountain and park slayer. I’ve been a fan of Niche since meeting them a few years ago, and they just keep getting better in every way. Made at the Capita Mothership in Austria.


  • Sizes: 149, 152, 155, 158
  • Camber dominant hybrid
  • 2x traction bumps
  • Recyclamine resin system
  • Basalt stringers
  • Water-based inks
  • 2 year warranty

$499 /


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